About the Restaurant

We are one of the oldest 'Pure Indian Vegetarian Places' in Hong Kong serving thousands of vegetarian loving clients from around the world since 1994. The earliest records of vegetarianism as a concept come from ancient India. Hence the Indian vegetarian food has its own importance any time in the culinary garden. Vegetarianism considered healthy, viable diet and aid in keeping body weight under control. We are serving classical, contemporary and homely style vegetarian dishes and its nourishes your body and soul and is always harmony with seasons. When you enjoy pure Indian vegetarian food with freshly blended seasonal fruit drinks, you are satisfying mind, body and soul. We Branto family, practicing vegetarianism back in India for generations, therefore, its our way of life than business. Welcome to Branto family - the one and only Pure Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Hong Kong .............................

"Every Breath Branto................"

Lunch Box Special
Chapati, Puri, Vegetable, Dal or Kari, Rice, Papad & Pickles All these just for
Businesss Hours :
11am to 3pm
6pm to 11pm

We accept Takeaways and Deliveries for both Lunch & Dinner.
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